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  In 2006, a scientific discovery was made that should have awoken our world to an outside danger that was headed straight for us. Instead, the mainstream scientific community didn't take it seriously, and the one who discovered the impending threat, Jack Kellerman, founder of the Cosmic Anomaly Research Network, or C.A.R.N, would find himself lambasted by his peers, disconnected from the community he loved, and ridiculed the world over.

  Undeterred, Jack continued to study the anomalous object, connecting it to ancient teachings, stories, and folklore. After years of study, he had the proof. The purple planet, Anarkand, was coming, and not for the first time in human history. Jack tries to warn humankind of its coming, and despite providing evidence to confirm his discovery, the scientific community refuses to acknowledge the impending threat and the world at large simply believes it to be a hoax.

  Jack's determination to alert the world leads him to unravel the secrets of a 2300 year cycle of destruction into which a global conflict exists between different groups who know of this objects existence, and of its intensions. After an attempt on his life and that of his son Cameron, Jack comes to the realisation that the secret world of Anarkand is to remain just that, a secret, until it can't no more.

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Anarkand Music

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MK Black has produced and released the first volume of Anarkand Soundscapes. This is the perfect tone-setter for the Anarkand series and is available to stream and download for free under the Free extras header here on Anarkand.com

The soundscapes album contains 10 tracks, downloadable in an mp3 zip file.

The album has a runtime of 46:51

You can stream or download the album from the following link:

Anarkand Soundscapes Volume One