How to sponsor the MK Black Podcast

Sponsorship Of the MK Black Podcast

The MK Black Podcast is an ever-changing show which covers diverse topics such as, psychology, human betterment, diet and detox, creativity, research and scientific projects and advancements, mental health, and everyday news topics.

Our target audience are those interested in current events, science, mental health, and self-help programs and improvements. Basically, we are a podcast for all.

Why You should sponsor the MK Black Podcast

It is easy to get your product and / or company into the public domain in fron ot of an audience that is growing exponentially year on year. The listening figures continue to rise and there appears to be no slowing of this phenomenal form of media. More companies than ever are jumping on this opportunity and are seeing the incredible advantages of getting themselves on evergreen podcasts.

  • Podcasts are permanently accessible, and are always live and available.

  • 1 in 5 Americans prioritise listening to a podcast in their busy schedules. People fit a podcast around their busy lives which make it perfect for maximising advertising revenue.

  • 61% of podcast listeners report buying something they heard about on a podcast.

  • In 2012, 1.6 billion podcast episodes were downloaded, in 2015 3.3 billion and it’s increasing every year.

Apply To Showcase Your Business On The MK Black Podcast

Simply fill out the form found here and we will contact you to discuss your full requirements and explain the process.

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