Improving your life experience

We are all capable of having a wonderful life experience here on Earth, that is to say we can forge our own path and the mark we leave upon it; and our truest self. Many of us are aware of our recycling on this world, and the need, or should I say, desire, to elevate to the upper echelons of human potential / evolution.​ For far too long, we have danced the same dance on Earth, and each time we do, we trample on its majestic design, and once mesmeric beauty. In our weakness, we display how tired many of us have become with life in general.

We ask the question over and over, why are we here? What is the purpose of this life?​​​ A large proportion of this world is in suffering, reduced merely to an existence. There are many tortured souls, be it from physical pain, suffering from illness, mental issues, or incomprehensible horrors suffered in silence.It is hard to find beauty or meaning in life