Program Guide

Welcome to the diet and detox program guide. This guide will be the ultimate companion on your journey and will ensure your success. I have left the jargon behind, the patronising "you can do it" statements and the uber cheery face of someone who has lived a healthy lifestyle for 30+ years! Instead I will show you who I am, who I was, and what the program done for me as I built it.

I will show you someone who had a cigarette addiction for 16 years, partook in alcoholic consumption EVERY weekend, did little to no exercise, instead using my car to go everywhere, and someone who beginning the program weighed in at 15+ stone, or 210+ pounds. I am someone who is writing books, studying psychology, raising a child on my own, running a household, has several responsibilities, and has had to juggle all of that whilst struggling to find the time to eat and exercise properly.