Purpose Of Life - Never Give Up

The purpose of life will be debated, theorised, and discussed ad infinitum, but a very clear purpose of and for life is the need to leave a legacy. We are all here for the short term, nothing more than a blip in the human-construct of time and space. This much is absolutely clear. We know of death, but not what it entails, and sadly many of us are aware of just how special our life is, yet refuse to try and understand it, or make sense of its very magikal construct.

I discuss the importance of legacy in my books, and go into great detail regarding that very subject, so I will not do that here, however, the importance of legacy is but one of the many purposes of life that we should all aspire to achieve and leave behind as a contribution for our future selves and the future of humanity as a collective. Another is our relationship to the development and growth of fellow man, let alone simply our loved-ones.