What is The Purpose Of Earth? ( Heart )

The Universe has a purpose. Its true purpose is yet unknown to the sentient beings of Earth. We are undeserving of the knowledge at this time, at least collectively. What we need to remember is that the Universe is young, still infantile. The learning process of this collective energy is hard, and as such it is a slow one.


The plane of Earth is one of learning. Imagine the Earth as a university, and we are its students. Our lives are granted for the purpose of experience. We are here to learn, to feel, to love, and to examine. Our purpose is to look inward and find our truest self.

The plane of Earth is given to us, as is. There is no special decree, no special rule-set that we are ordered to follow. We are governed solely by the power of the mind, and the actions that we take physically. Those actions are usually founded upon the direct results of that which we experience in this world; of mind, of body and of soul.