How to Support the work of MK Black

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When I decided to launch the Anarkand website, I did so with the intention of building something bigger than just a story. I wanted to create an experience, one that spills over from the fictional universe created, into the real world, and vice-versa. 


there are several works and services that are paid for by virtue of their nature, such as novles, books and soundscapes, but donations certainly help propel the story further by allowing me to write full time. In addition there are excellent rewards for those who support my work on Patreon. is a place for fans to connect with one another. It is not a place for advertisements. It does not track you, invade your privacy, or share your data. I refuse to bombard you with nonsensical advertisements for the simple reason that I am as sick of them as you are. From bus stops, to train stations, magazines, and leaflets through your letterbox, advertisements these days, are everywhere. We are human beings goddamit, not mere consumers of useless products and goods!

At the heart of is an intent to build something truly wonderful and long-lasting with a rich storyline and enough lore to keep people coming back for more. I don't expect many to oblige, and simply purchasing the books is fine, but please consider supporting my work by joining my Patreon, or by making a donation directly.

Thank you kindly, and graciously,

MK Black
Anarkand creator & author