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What is the The Temple of Anark?

The Temple of Anark was founded in Great Britain in 2022. The core beliefs of MK Black are reflected in the work of the temple, and this centres around the strengthening of the human system, and bringing together creative talents. At the heart of the temple is a desire to have a more inclusive world, one in which, lonely or introverted individuals, or those feeling bound by mental health issues to a world with limited freedom, can be a part of. The temple incorporates years of study of the occult, the magikal, and the unseen. There are millions of people out there in the world who are aware of their true purpose, how they fit into the grand design of our universe. Many people around the world have been waiting for confirmation, and through the elevation of human spirit and mind, we will approach that day and make the world a better place. Our aim is to bring intellectuals together for purposes of researching new technologies, new forms of art, and creative projects that build communities and hubs for people who are left behind in society. We need to empower the individual human once more. Our purpose is to connect intellectual people and work together to provide solutions to the many challenges that are facing the generations to come, which includes our sons, daughters, and grandchildren. We have a duty to make this world a better place for them and theirs. We have so many great minds out there, who either have no voice, no platform, or are indebted by the cruelty of the social system that surrounds us, and the labels that stifle their development. There is a number of huge problems facing our world and beyond, and one of the biggest is loneliness, and disconnectedness between people. The solutions to Earth's problems could well be resting inside the minds of those lonely, solitary people. We believe it is time to connect people and build a community that is focussed on helping one another and our families to accomplish and achieve human desires.

What is the overall goal of The Temple of Anark?

To elevate and illuminate individuals from all over the world on the true meaning of life Empower everyday people to project their ideas and discuss with like-minded people. This allows the network to utilise its monetary value to aid in projects and human advancement ideas Tackle poverty or breadline living, through localised support networks and the building of support hubs Connect those who are lonely with a network of people, thus connecting talent, ideas, and ability, some of which could change the face of the world. Eliminate divisive labels that seperate us from one another. We are all human. To end Loneliness through localised hubs and our online community programs To confirm and educate others on the spiritual aspect of life To bring complete awareness of the three versions of self, and ensure we elevate beyond Earth To build a worldwide community that truly inspires and empowers one another through ancient and occultic techniques and abilities To improve attitude, ability, and both inner and outer strength of humankind To support humanity at local levels around the world in projects and initiatives that better the human race To unlock the hidden powers that each of us are born with, especially those used by our early ancestors. These same powers are being used against us in our daily lives in mainstream media, entertainment, and much more To foster humanhood. A coming together of the worlds intellectuals To dispel the myths of magic, self-help gurus, and charlatans, who know nothing of the true spiritual realm

How does it / Will it achieve these goals?

MK Black has implemented a strategy to increase awareness of The Temple of Anark via podcasts, books, and videos, as well as through meditation, music and sigil use. The Temple of Anark relies on donations, memberships, and the sale of books, music and merchandise to increase monetary value. MK Black has never been, nor will he ever be, materialistic. We all have one incarnation of physical life per experience, and as such it is his belief that it is better to set goals that benefit mankind and the greater world through action and implementation. In the first instance we need to raise the power of each and every individual we encounter through the abilities we were all born with. We need to help ourselves and overcome fears and projected labelling by others, and the system which has us enslaved. Once accomplished, individuals are free to evolve beyond the shackles that have been placed on the mind, which imprisons our free thought, ability to action, and our given right to implement change. By working together we can achieve so much more, and take pride in being part of something that can begin the process of shaping a world that is more inclusive and works towards the advancement of our species across many levels.

What is learned at the root of The Temple of Anark?

At its core, The Temple of Anark provides fundamental understandings of the knowledge that has been hidden from us. In addition, we provide full teachings on occultic practices and powers, as well as deep understanding of meditative and elevating states of mind, that enable us to reach a higher ability of the human we were born to be. You will learn about, and be able to utilise: Consciousness and self-realisation Building the relationship between you and your truest self White Magick Dark Magick The purpose of the universe and our place in its womb Time cycles Prophetic feats and abilities Powerful lie detection Meditations on specific purposes Energy Growth Mind manipulation Dreamwalking Secrets of the ancients Wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment There are of course many other things that will be learned. We also grasp a better understanding of: The law of karma The cycle of time The true law of attraction The law of connection Toxicity in people Empathetic strength

What is at the Heart ( Earth ) of The Temple of Anark

Learning: Study of powerful, ancestral knowledge provides essential nourishment and strength to the mind, body, and soul. World Connectedness: Bringing together individuals that may have the power to shape a better world. Giving a voice and power to the individual, whilst ensuring that we as a collective, are improving lives and bettering ourselves and others Meditation: Meditation on a number of levels can allow us to free ourselves in the physical, and allow for a more spiritual awareness of the world with which we have been presented. Elevation and Illumination: We are here to empower one another to break from the chastity of the system that has been built up around us, and to ensure we, as humans, have the best chance at unlocking our fullest, and truest potential. Sounds very cliché, we know, but be patient and you will see that all of us can aspire to greatness. We all have the ability to enjoy our lives and to plan for the next one. ( a secret that those in power fully understand and utilise to better their own position in life, usually to the detriment of us and our children ).

How is religion viewed by The Temple of Anark as an organisation?

The Temple of Anark asks no individual for their religious beliefs. Religion is a rather public system, when in reality, a persons relationship with his / her chosen god should be personal, and private. We have firm beliefs as well as evidence of the structure of the world and its secrets, as well as what is lying in wait for the future of humankind, but the individuals chosen religion has no bearing on standing on The Temple of Anark membership. We are all aiming to return to "source" in whichever way we believe, what is important is our conduct whilst here on the physical plane of Earth.

How is The Temple of Anark funded?

The Temple of Anark runs on voluntary contributions, both financial and in time, from individuals who have benefited personally from its many teachings, and the unlocking of the power within us all. The founder, MK Black, chooses more to be rich in mind, body, and soul, than in monetary terms. The temple benefits from the sale of his many works in fiction, poetry, music, and various powerful Texts, which are the very cornerstone of The Temple of Anark's structure. Whilst there is a membership fee for certain aspects of the networks teachings, to join The Temple of Anark is completely free.

Why is a lot of information offered freely?

Unlocking human potential, and the secrets that lie within all of us, is far more important than anything else. If we are truly to awaken from this world and ascend to the next, then we need to give. We need to ensure that we are building one another up, and supporting one another, rather than being a destructive force to the one conscious source to which we all belong...and serve.

Can anyone join The Temple of Anark?

Indeed the answer is mostly yes, but we will say that a good, solid, intellectual, and spiritual grounding will be very beneficial in unlocking full potential through participation of study. It is possible for children to be intrigued, but it is important we maintain a safety standard of sorts. Children must be aged 16 or over. Discovering, learning, and thus handling what is learned here can be dangerous in a young mind.

Are there any precautionary measures to take before joining?

*** Enter not with a light step *** You must be strong-willed, that is an absolute must. You must be someone who is susceptible to energies that exist around us and the powers that are hidden inside of us. It is important to be of sound mind, however if you feel you aren't, we can assure you, that we can alleviate many mental issues people are suffering.

When and where was The Temple of Anark founded?

The Temple of Anark was founded in Great Britain in 2022 by MK Black. Its roots date back longer.

Who is the founder of The Temple of Anark?

My name is MK Black, and I am its founder. When I was younger, I had a fascination with the world and its inner workings. I often wondered how things fit together, how people corroborate on huge projects, why the world was in dire straits, and how there was very little in the way of aide to those I saw suffer on the streets of where I grew up. I had a phenomenal teacher. A person who got me engaged in the mysteries of the world, from the Nazca lines, to the ancient structures and monoliths of our ancestors, to the pyramids, and the possibility of life beyond our world. That teacher was my father; to me the most intelligent and inspirational human I have ever known, even to this day. As I grew older, my thirst for knowledge grew with me, and I found myself embroiled in the great unknown, indulging my desire to learn more about the esoteric structure of our world. I was determined to garner as great an understanding of the universe around us, and the many potential worlds that inhabit its womb, as I could. To this end, I discovered a lot more than I maybe should have, and I am desperate to share what I know. I used to laugh at the notion of a one man secret meeting on a mountain top somewhere in Brazil, where beings from other worlds; Gods even, would come down and share wisdom, especially when it would be more beneficial to share with the world entirely rather than with one individual. However, I no longer laugh, and I no longer mock, for I understand the reasons why, and whilst I may not fully comprehend the magnitude of our collective purpose, I am damn sure etermined to learn more. A strange thing happens to us all; something forgotten beyond our formative years. During the time of conclusion of a former life, we are granted a greater understanding of the laws of evolution through various portals of mind, body, and spirit. It is down to us to remember. It is up to us to seek the answers, for they do exist and WILL be revealed. For me, it took an unbelieavable heart-ache, before an understanding of the true purpose of our universe was recovered. I now possess a more preeminent awareness of the chess game being played around us, and now that I know it and the laws which govern it, it has became more and more obvious. Wonder, imagination, information, and spiritual guidance have always been important to me, and the works I produce are based exclusively on my experiences of the immense world beyond, and is reflected in my many poetic works, music, art, and novels. I swear allegiance to no country, Earth is my only declared origin. I try not to make reference to myself by any divisive label, though I accept that for the purpose of communication and clarity, there is a basic requirement for the use of common language to convey acceptable understanding of both subject and matter. - Another's view of MK Black - It was first in 1989, when he was visited by something "other-worldy" however this was initially put down by doctors as nothing more than a hallucination. Indeed these 'halluciantions' continued over many years, and in many of those encounters, the conscious understanding between the visitor, and MK Black, had grown. The experience left MK Black suffering from extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, and pulling away from the fear-based emotion was difficult to do. As written in his texts, the other being announced himself as an embodiment of true source, not so much THE god, as A god. The god had a story and shared an array of knowledge. All of it has been captured for use, and includes prophecies, solutions to the worlds issues, and of course, an unlocking of secrets that the modern world has forgotten. The visitor advised that the few who control the world, have the secrets under wraps, and thus the rules of the Earth, had been broken. ​

How do I join The Temple of Anark?

If you are serious about learning all that The Temple of Anark has to offer, then please join us here at the top of this page. Registration is free and easy.

The work of The Temple of Anark

The purpose of The Temple of Anark is a multi-faceted one. The world we live in is at an impasse, there is much chaos and destruction. Hurt, pain and anguish are more commonplace nowadays than ever before, despite the many advancements we have made as a species, there unfortunatelt still exists an ungodly amount of famine, drought, human suffering, disease, and corruption of the mind, body and soul. It is clear that the human race has become a perversion of its true purpose. The Temple of Anark is an awakening of the mind, and is something that resides in us all. We were destined as a collective to become smart sentient beings, but somewhere along the way we have lost ourselves to greed, darkness, and false belief systems, all of which proving damaging almost beyond repair. The Temple of Anark is a destination that once reached leads to fulfillment of our true purpose. Those who have joined The Temple of Anark already know who they are. They are someone who is aware of the world but doesn't feel as though they belong to it. They see the beauty of the world around them, and its potential to be a place of sheer paradise, yet they can see and feel the darkness which is building up around them, and destroying that which was once handsome. The work of the temple, or rather its meaning, is very much tied to its aims. The temple aims to rectify the many issues that we as intellectuals and highly-charged spiritual beings, are craving. When we open our minds to the psionic energy within us, we will be able to reconnect with ourselves and one another as legion. There are three versions of you, two belong to the Earth, and the other belongs to that which we cannot understand in our human form. It is the latter which is the true you. Our purpose is to bring you back to yourself, to empower your body and mind, to improve and unleash your psionic powers, and to teach you the ways of magick. By better understanding and learning these aspects of our hidden selves, we will be sure to leave the Earth a better place at the end of this lifetime.​ The Earth is the heartstone of the solar system. Affectionately known as the orb of dreamers, It is the energy source for the worlds around us, and we are the ones who power it. We are a repeating species, and as discussed in the books of MK Black, we learn how the cycles of life and death have been constructed. The secret keepers of this world also know this and use it to accomplish many things over decades, even centuries. Great things are achieved in the span of a single human lifetime, but extraordinary things are crafted over many of those lifetimes. We are able to open the gates of reality, as presented to us, and change its very fabric. We can manipulate the thoughts of others, and the very material of the Earth itself. It is time for us to work hard at improvement, and thus, go home, connected once again with out truest self. We are able to open the doorway to the soul and awaken consciousness, so that we can accomplish greatness together.